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DynaView™ Free Trial

Fully Versatile Integrated System

DynaView will run on most standard modern laptop and desktop PC’s using any of the windows operating systems.

• Predictive 3D Software

• Speed & Agility

• Expert Design

• Proven Capability

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Predictive 3D Software
Effective modeling & monitoring of geological, petrophysical and pore pressure attributes utilizing the fastest 3D engine on the market.

Speed & Agility
DyanView allows you to import seismic surfaces from a variety of interpretation applications and petrophysical offset well data to instantly create a 3D model.

Expert Design
Developed in collaboration with skilled operators, academic researchers, drilling engineers & structural geologists.

Proven Capability
Successfully utilized in multiple environments such as HPHT onshore China, offshore Gulf of Mexico and deepwater West Africa.


Why Choose Dynaview?

• Reduce your project risk by staying on target in the heart of the reservoir and establishing optimal landing trajectories as quickly as possible.

• Highly customizable data views.

• Fastest 3D engine on the market, deployable on a laptop computer.

• Simultaneous display of multiple log types for seamless correlation.

• On the fly fault interpretation and input with real time model update capability.

• Mitigate collision risks with ellipsoids of uncertainty.