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DynaView Introduces 3D Well Planner

The September 2017 DynaView update release introduces a new 3D well planning function. Selecting the new well location, a well path can be built in stages utilizing DynaView’s powerful 3D viewer, map and cross section functions to build a 3 dimensional wellpath, and create a synthetic prognosis of the well to be drilled. This new function is accessible via a bespoke new view which is accessed through the manager view (see image right):

The well planning view allows the building of a well path in sections to target the zone of interest which is viewable in plan view, cross section, 3D and perpendicular cross section to fully visualize the trajectory and it’s relation to other wells in the project as well as geology (see image below):

Once the desired trajectory has been created, a full prognosis can be created with the click of a button. DynaView automatically creates a full survey plan and petrophysical prognosis:

Plan and execute complex wells with ease.