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Pre-field Test Rapid Pore Pressure Pre-drills

The DynaView team has recently tested a rapid pore pressure prognosis function offline using synthetically created 3D model with real well data to assess the potential for the faster well planning workflows for risk mitigation. Using a dataset of three wells offset at over 20km from each other, a synthetic 3D geological model was created and petrophysical characteristics propagated through it to create a synthetic pore pressure pre-drill model:

3D model with synthetic surfaces created from formation intersections.

Full synthetic petrophysical prognosis

Pre-drill pore pressure and fracture gradient model produced from the synthetic prognosis

The actual derived pore pressure from models carried out during the drilling of the well were loaded in for comparison:

Synthetic prognosis with actual calculated pore pressure (note that the actual pore pressure shown was created in another software package during the actual drilling of the well in 1982)

The red fill indicates underestimation of the pore pressure and the blue indicates over estimation. The trends of the pore pressure were predicted to a high level of accuracy, demonstrating great potential for the methodology for use in the field. The DynaView team is looking forward to collaborating with our clients to further develop and carry out field trials with seismic surface data to further push the boundaries on pore formation pressure evaluation.